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Fall Lash Shed

The first day of fall is in just two short day! This means it’s time to bust out those scarves and boots, indulge in your PSL guilty pleasure, and light all those fall scented candles. Unfortunately, it also means time for a phase of poor lash extension

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Importance of Lash Cleansing

As a lash artist or a lash client, we both want one thing: the best possible retention! While a lot of factors contribute to how well your lash extensions are going to hold up between fills, the most important one just might be regular lash cleansing. So

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Summer Lash Lovin’

Hey girl heeeey! This week’s Real Talk is going to be all about taking care of lash extensions during the summer. Lash extensions are so amazing this time of year since you don’t have to worry about mascara melting down your face in the heat or turning

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