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Preventing Winter Skin

This time of year is my absolute favorite for so many reasons. There’s all the festivities surrounding the holidays, we finally get a break from the heat, and it’s socially acceptable to wear leggings 24/7. Unfortunately, the cooler weather also brings some serious dryness in the air,

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Eyes On the Prize

This past March (23rd to be exact…in case you want to give me a present in the future) I turned 25 years old. While in the grand scheme of things that’s still very young, biologically, I’m starting to get old. Ever since I was a fresh-faced 19

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Clean Up Your Act with These 3 Easy Steps

Welcome back to another installment of BLT’s Real Talk! In case you haven’t already subscribed to my email list (hint: you totally should – everyone is doing it) let me say thank you one more time for all of your input, feedback, comments & questions from the

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