Importance of Lash Cleansing

As a lash artist or a lash client, we both want one thing: the best possible retention! While a lot of factors contribute to how well your lash extensions are going to hold up between fills, the most important one just might be regular lash cleansing. So many clients are afraid to cleanse their lashes because they think it might wiggle the extensions loose and cause them to shed prematurely. Think again, my loves! Not cleansing your lashes is enemy #1 when it comes to retention. In today’s Real Talk we’re going to dive into exactly why cleansing your lashes is so crucial and the best ways to go about it.

First thing’s first, we have to remember why we have eyelashes in the first place. These babies are more than pretty decorations around your eyes to bat at the object of your affection. The whole purpose of eyelashes are to protect the eyes. They act as little goalies to block dirt, debris, and all kinds of tiny particles from making their way into your eyes to prevent irritation and damage. That being said, we naturally accumulate a buildup of this stuff on our lash line. This usually would just wash away when you cleanse your face, but when you’re adding lash extensions into the mix, we need to give a little extra TLC. All of those pesky particles like to get nestled in at the base of your lash extensions where they meet the natural lashes. A simple cleanse of your lash line at the end of each day will make sure this buildup doesn’t get out of hand and start clogging your natural lash follicle, which can lead to weakening and early shedding of your natural lashes. This buildup can also damage the bond of your lash adhesive, which then leads to extensions popping off before their time.

lash cleansing brushesIf you’re adding makeup into the mix, you’re going to have to do an even more thorough cleansing of your lash line. It’s never a good idea to sleep with your makeup on, but doing that while you have lash extensions is basically pouring money down the drain. Anytime you wear eye makeup with your lash extensions, you’re going to need to do an extra thorough job cleansing at the end of the day to make sure you aren’t leaving behind makeup residue. My rule of thumb is to always do two cleanses for the days you wear eye makeup, and use microfiber swabs to make sure you’re really getting in there. You can grab some with a lash cleansing kit at your next appointment, or stock up from good ol’ Amazon. I typically use the wands, but sometimes the micro brushes work better if you decide you absolutely must apply an extension-safe mascara or use liquid or gel liners and need to get that off at the end of the day.

Beyond helping to improve your lash extension retention, regular cleansing helps to keep your natural lashes and eye area healthy. The buildup of oils, dirt and makeup can weigh down your natural lash follicle and cause damage, which can result in lashes growing back finer and weaker. If it really gets out of hand, poor hygiene can lead to bigger problems, such as blepharitis. This is a condition where the eyelids become swollen at the lash line and developes crusty secretions. One Google image search of that will be enough to make you cleanse your lashes before bed every night.

Chrissanthe cleanserWe’ve covered the why, so lets move onto the how. My personal favorite lash cleanser is the Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser. This stuff not only cleanses and sanitizes the lash line, but also is amazing at removing eye makeup without hindering adhesive bonds. The company was founded by an optometrist, so the health of the eye area is priority #1. I have massively sensitive eyes and this causes absolutely no irritation for me. The tea tree oil in the Chrissanthie cleanser makes sure bacteria is killed and the eyes are left feeling soothed and refreshed. I use this to prep every single lash client and always recommend it for homecare. Bonus round: this is yet another amazing product and company that is owned and operated by a woman. You know I love supporting my fellow boss babes! This cleanser comes in a gel concentrate, which is why I include a foam pump bottle when you purchase one from BLT Beauty. Add just a smidge of the cleanser with distilled water, gently shake it, then pump out the cleansing foam that’s able to really get those lashes squeaky clean. For best results, use a lash cleansing brush. Between the bristles of the brush and the foam cleanser, you’re able to get between each lash to make sure no residue is left behind. Simply dip your brush into the foam cleanser, then do gentle circular motions on your closed lash line. Then do a sweep underneath with your eyes still closed, going up with the curl of the lashes. Rinse clean with water and blot dry with a tissue or clean towel! For my glammed up makeup girls, do two cleanses and use those microfiber swabs to focus on getting the lash line totally clean. Stay away from Q-tips as the cotton fibers tend to get caught on the base of your extensions! Once those lashes are cleaned and have dried, brush them with your lash comb to get them all fluffy and selfie-ready.

Now that you know all the deets on how and why to clean your lashes, you no longer have to worry that the cleansing process will hurt your retention and can keep your lashes (and lash artist) happy! Cleanser, foam pump bottles, cleansing brushes, microfiber wands and lash combs can all be purchased at BLT Beauty.

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