Brow Sculpting FAQ

Let me use my expertise to transform your eyebrows into the beautiful arches they deserve to be. Below are some commonly asked questions about the Brow Sculpting process.

Does it hurt?

Unfortunately, modern technology has not yet found a way to remove hair follicles from the root without some discomfort. However, I use Satin Smooth’s BeBare hair removal system, which is a particularly gentle non-wax, botanical and soy-based depilatory that sticks to the hair, not your skin. This helps to not only reduce the discomfort but also redness and general irritation that you typically have after waxing. I also take extra little steps to ensure that everything is done as gently as possible. I’m a big baby, so I like to treat my clients as if they’re all as sensitive as I am.

How long does Brow Sculpting last – how often would I need to have it redone?

A good ballpark estimate for the average client is every 4-6 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows and how obsessed you are. To maintain your shape, you will want to rebook your next appointment a MAXIMUM of 8 weeks out to ensure that we don’t have to do a full consultation and re-shaping. However, depending on your personal hair growth cycles and even the time of year, some people feel the need to come in as frequently as every 3 weeks. Once we’ve done at least two consecutive brow sculpts, I can help you to narrow down the ideal time between appointments that will work best for you and your brows.

What is your process? What kind of product do you use?

I use the Satin Smooth BeBare hair removal system, which is a non-wax, botanical, soy-based depilatory. While it’s technically not a wax, for all intents and purposes, it’s about the same process of applying the melted product onto the hair and using pellin strips to remove the follicles from the root. Even the most sensitive skin types will be left with minimal irritation and no sticky residue. We’ll start with trimming to make sure all the hairs lay just right, do some simple measurements to follow the all mighty Golden Ration of eyebrows, then get to the “waxing.” All brow sculpting appointments are finished with an antibacterial & antimicrobial cleansing gel as well as a soothing zinc oxide cream to reduce the risk of breakouts and to calm the skin. One thing I always like to tell my first-timers for brow sculpting is that I am going to take my sweet time, checking in with you along the way. We can always take more off, but it’s a little more tricky to put it back on. Slow and steady wins the race in this department!

How long does the Brow Sculpting process take?

The first time you come in, plan on your service taking roughly 30 minutes for us to do a consultation, discuss your brow goals, and for me to give your brows all the time and love they deserve. Once we’ve achieved your desired shape, your maintenance appointments will typically take 15-20 minutes.

How do I decide what I want my brows to look like? Will you help me with the decision?

We can definitely schedule a consultation before the actual procedure in person or you can email me any concerns, goals, or even pictures from your eyebrow vision board. All first-time brow sculpting appointments start with an interactive consultation where we’ll look at your brows together to discuss desired shapes and thickness. Do keep in mind that while pictures are great to help give me an idea of what you’d like your brows to look like, please be realistic about what can be achieved with the hair you have for me to work with. I can help advise you on the perfect shape for your face and natural brow shape. …Unless of course you’d like to add on a microblading appointment to add a little more than your momma gave you!

Can I have you use this process on any other facial hair?

Absolutely! Lip, chin, cheeks, hairline and nostril waxing are also available.

Is there anything to avoid before a brow sculpting appointment?

Some general things to avoid before coming in for brow sculpting are the use of Retin-A or any topical retinol products for 4-7 days, no use of Accutane for 6 months to one year, no peels, microdermabraison, or other intensive exfoliants within the last week, and it cannot be done on sunburned skin. For more details on what to do or not do prior to your brow sculpting, please use the contact form to send an email request for the full list of Before & After Care.

What should I do after my brow sculpting appointment?

DO NOT TOUCH THEM. The pores are wide open after removing the hair follicles, making it exceptionally easy for bacteria to get in and cause small breakouts. Resist the temptation to touch you skin where the hair removal was done, and avoid putting makeup on the area for 12-24 hours if possible. If you’re prone to breakouts, it’s not a bad idea to clean your cellphone and glasses with rubbing alcohol, clean your makeup brushes, and swap out your pillowcase and face towel. For more details on what to do after your brow sculpting, please use the contact form to send an email request for the full list of Before & After Care.

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