Customized Skincare FAQ

Finally ready to address your frustrations with your skin? Looking to start some routine maintenance to keep your skin in shape? Check out the FAQ below to see what to expect from your customized skincare treatment.

What is your process? What kind of product do you use?

During your customized organic facial, my two main goals are to help improve the overall health and condition of your skin, and to make you feel completely pampered and relaxed. As mentioned in the Customized Skincare Services page, all of my organic facials are 100% customized to meet your skin’s unique needs. A basic protocol is followed with variations added wherever necessary. A typical 60-Minute Customized Organic Facial will consist of a consultation and skin analysis, followed with cleansing of the skin, enzyme exfoliation with steam, extractions, a replenishing mask, and all finishing products. With a background in massage therapy, all of my 60-Minute Customized Facials also include a hand, arm, neck, shoulder, and facial massage. With the lights down low and soothing music playing, most of my clients doze off during these ultra-relaxing treatments. I use 302 Professional Skincare products, which is a natural, organic line of science-based skincare. No buzz-words or trendy ingredients. Just simple skincare designed to reduce inflammation, strengthen, and improve the actual health of your skin cells.

Will it hurt?

Not to brag, but I’ve been told by countless clients that I have the most gentle touch. A lot of people have been turned off of facials due to overzealous estheticians who brutally try to clear their pores. Extractions are inherently the one part of the treatment that typically is a little uncomfortable. To minimize this, I rely on my products to do most of the work for me. After the steam & enzymes have done their job, I go in using gloved hands and gauze to manually perform the extractions. I avoid metal extractor tools due to the fact that it’s difficult to really tell how much pressure you’re exerting. They tend to not only cause unnecessary pain, but also leave the skin marked up, swollen, and can even cause bruising or capillary damage. Furthermore, I carry out extractions with the understanding that if I’m causing my client genuine pain during an extraction, I am more than likely causing damage to their skin. As frustrating as it can be, not everything we want to get out will be ready to come out. Client safety and the integrity of your skin are my top priorities, so I always keep that in mind while performing this step of the facial treatments. It’s just like love; if you have to force it, it’s probably a bad idea.

Will I break out after my facial?

This is something that scares a lot of people away from trying facials. There are a few things that can cause a breakout after a facial, so I’ll address what I’ve found to be the most common causes. One of the biggest culprits is the use of irritating products on the skin. The good news for you is that I stay away from all of that nonsense. 302 Professional Skincare is a natural, organic skincare line that focuses on soothing, healing, and strengthening the skin. That means NO added colors, NO fragrances or perfumes, and NO weird chemicals. On top of that, I do not use any harsh chemicals, such as acids or benzoyl peroxide, which cause serious irritation to the skin. Most of my first-time clients are shocked by how great their skin looks immediately after their organic facial! Another cause of post-facial breakout is what’s called the “purging process” of our skin. This is where the skin has congestion or breakouts below the surface, and the facial treatment causes this to rise up to the surface so that it can come out of the skin. This is one of those scenarios where things have to get a little worse before they can start getting better. The third most common cause I see is where clients do not follow their after-care instructions. Doing things like applying makeup or working out within 12-24 hours of your facial can absolutely cause the skin to break out. If you’re already acne-prone, I always suggest to swap out your face towel, wash your pillowcase and disinfect your cell phone. Your pores are much more open right after a facial so it’s easier for bacteria to get in and cause blemishes in the time immediately after your facial. And for goodness sake do NOT touch your face with all the bacteria hanging out on your hands!

What facial treatment is best for me?

As mentioned on my Services page, all of my organic facials are 100% customized. Really all you need to decide is if you want to do a 60-minute treatment (yes, you do) or a 30-minute treatment. I do offer certain facial add-ons, such as microdermabrasion and paraffin wax masks. Contraindications for those services are listed on the Services page as well. If you’re not sure what, if any, add-ons your skin needs, we can always chat about your options during your treatment!

How often should I get a facial?

The general rule of thumb for someone looking to maintain healthy skin is to come in for a facial treatment every 4-6 weeks. This has to do with your skin’s cell turnover rate. Particularly if you are looking to make improvements on your skin, you will want to make sure you stick to a consistent routine. Just like with working out, if you wait too long between sessions, you have to start back at square one each time. Coming in more regularly means we can improve upon the condition and health of your skin at each appointment.

Will my acne/blackheads/wrinkles/pigmentation be gone after one treatment?

Nope. It’s very important to me that my clients all have realistic expectations. The timeframe of your results will depend on so many different factors. Age, dedication to homecare regimen and frequency of treatments are just a few things that will affect your results. We can discuss your goals, how to best achieve them, and a general timeframe of when you will start noticing what kinds of differences during your consultation. Spoiler alert: we will not be able to achieve your skin having zero blackheads and invisible pores, unless your genetics dealt that out to you. But we sure can reduce and minimize them!

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