Lash Extensions FAQ

Do you dream of waking up every morning with long, dark, voluptuous lashes? Without mascara smudging and “racoon eyes?” Lash extensions may be the answer to that dream. Check out the info below.

What is your process? What kind of product do you use?

Using premium quality lashes and adhesive, an artificial individual lash extension is applied to one individual natural lash. Repeat until the desired fullness is achieved! Using synthetic mink lash extensions from Bella Lash, you can have long, full, soft lashes 24/7.

How long do Lash Extensions last – how often would I need to have it redone?

The lash extensions will “fall out” gradually as the natural lashes they are attached to shed. The normal lifespan of a full-grown eyelash is 4-6 weeks. However, given that some extensions will need to be applied to more mature lashes, you may need to touch up every 2-4 weeks as those lashes shed to maintain your desired fullness. For it to be considered a fill rather than a full set of lash extensions, at least 40% of your extensions must be intact. Anything past 4 weeks will be considered a full set.

How long does the Lash Extension process take?

Your first-time full set will take roughly 2½-3 hours, depending on the amount of natural lashes and your desired fullness. Fills will take approximately 1-1½ hours, potentially longer if you’re having me do a fill on another lash technician’s work.

How do I decide how full I want my eyelashes? Will you help me with the decision?

All first-time lash extension appointments start with an interactive consultation. With various styles to choose from, you have the option of going with a look that simply accentuates your natural lashes, vamping up the volume for everyday glamour, or anywhere in between. During your consultation, we’ll also discuss the lash extension pattern that will be the most flattering for your eye shape and achieving your ideal look. Do keep in mind that while pictures are great to help give me an idea of what you’d like your lash extensions to look like, only one extension can be applied to each natural lash, so there are some limitations based on your natural lash growth.

Can I still wear makeup with lash extensions?

Several clients don’t feel the need to apply eye makeup for their daily look once they have the fullness and length of their lash extensions, but you absolutely can if you’d like to! The only things you need to avoid are oil-based makeups and makeup removers. Typically, oil-based eye makeup will be waterproof mascara and eyeliner, so steer clear of those. Some people still like to lightly apply a water-based mascara over their lash extensions and lower lash line, particularly if their natural lashes are noticeably lighter than the extensions. While this is not necessary to achieve a full look once you have lash extensions, water-based mascara can be LIGHTLY applied to the ends of the lashes, as long as you avoid the base near where the adhesive is.

Are lash extensions a good choice for people who wear contacts or glasses?

Absolutely! Be sure to let me know if you wear glasses on a regular basis, as certain lash extension lengths and application patterns will work best for you. As for contact lenses, please remove your contacts prior to coming in for your appointment, and you may wish to wear you glasses for the first 24 hours after your extensions are applied.

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