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Today’s blog post is going to veer a little off the beaten path that the previous installments of BLT’s Real Talk have traveled down so far. Today’s topic was inspired by another great blog post I read, and I feel so strongly about this that I really wanted to address it myself. This isn’t going to be me sharing tips, tricks, education or testimonials. Today, I’m asking for a favor. I absolutely love what I do and I adore my clients, but there is one thing that almost EVERY single client does that just kills me. I think it’s time for me to clear the air and let you all know what’s been bothering me. So here it is: I want you to stop apologizing for the things you consider to be flaws about yourself. Client after client, I hear these lovely human beings apologizing to me for the fact that they aren’t photoshopped supermodels and it breaks my heart!

“I’m sorry about my stomach, it’s so flabby.”
“I’m sorry I forgot to shave my legs.”
“I’m sorry, my brows are such a mess right now.”
“I’m sorry you have to look at my skin so close, my pores are huge.”
“I’m sorry my crow’s feet are going to ruin your picture of my lash extensions.”

The list goes on and on! Not to state the obvious, but we live in a world with nonstop exposure to perfectly posed and edited pictures that can really make us feel down on ourselves. We’ve become so hard-wired to strive for perfection that it’s caused us to not only fixate on the things we don’t love about ourselves, but to actually apologize to another person for having to see them. While this is completely crazy to me, I definitely catch myself doing it too. I have stretch marks. I have scars. I have body fat. I have cellulite. I have body hair. I have acne flare-ups. I don’t need to apologize for any of those things, and guess what? Neither do you! We all get worried that the nail technician is going to judge our not-freshly-shaved legs, or our hair stylist is going to judge our this-is-my-day-off-I’m-wearing-sweats-and-no-makeup outfit. While I can’t speak for everyone else out there, I can tell you with absolute sincerity that I am not here to judge you. My job and my personal goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while providing you with services that help to enhance your natural beauty. The last thing I ever want is for a person to come see me and feel insecure or uncomfortable. While I love showing off the results of my work, your “before” is just as worthy of self-love as your “after.”

I'm not sorry - Instagram versus Real Life

Instagram vs. Real Life

I know that it can feel like a vulnerable position coming in for a treatment, especially if it’s your first time. I just want to reassure all of my past, present, and future clients that when I’m looking at you, I’m not picking you apart and focusing on your flaws. I’m looking at the undertones of your skin to figure out how I should mix up your customized spray tanning solution. I’m checking out the shape of your face to help determine which lash style or brow shape will enhance your features. I’m closely analyzing your skin to help me decide which products are going to achieve that perfect, healthy balance from your facial. I am here for YOU! So just in case you haven’t gotten the memo yet: literally none of us are perfect. Stop beating yourself up and instead focus on the things you love about yourself! This can be easier said than done, but I promise it’s worth the extra effort to get into the habit of self-love instead of self-deprecation.

Self-Love is the new hashtag relationship goalsTo wrap up this little PSA of mine, I just want to remind you all that you are beautiful; stretch marks, clogged pores, smile lines and all. Check those insecurities at the door when you head into BLT Beauty. Save the apologies for when you really need them, like when you’re hangry and yell at someone for asking how your day is going. Come on in for your next treatment, apology-free, and receive a complimentary confidence boost with each service.

Thanks lovie!



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  1. Guilty as charged…I’m sorry. 😀
    I enjoyed this very much because this is something I do to myself. I am able to let it go much quicker and truly not worry about it as much as I used too.

    • I’m glad this seems to be resonating with so many people! As long as we’re making an effort to be more forgiving of ourselves, I think we’re on the right track 🙂

  2. Well said!!! Thank you for encouraging us!!!

  3. OMgoodness, I didn’t think I could possibly love you more, but there we go. I can’t tell you how many moms in labor apologize to me for the stubble on their legs, their sweat, their amazing, strong, beautiful female bodies that are giving birth! It breaks my heart a little each time. So I remind them that this is what I do, I’m a Nurse, I LOVE MY WORK, it is my HONOR to be their nurse, and I think they are kick ass warrior mommas running the marathon of their life. Women need to remind each other who we REALLY are.

    Well said Samantha xo

  4. You are seriously the sweetest kindest person! I love this post and you. You are so encouraging.

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