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Lashes Lash Affair towelHey girl heeeey! This week’s Real Talk is going to be all about taking care of lash extensions during the summer. Lash extensions are so amazing this time of year since you don’t have to worry about mascara melting down your face in the heat or turning into a raccoon the second you get in the water. With your long, curly lashes giving you that wide-awake look, you can just throw on some tinted sunscreen and run out the door. Who doesn’t love that?! Last week, I shared a great post from Lash Affair by J. Paris on my Instagram where they brought up some essential summer lash care tips. Today, we’re going to dive a little deeper into those extra steps that you can take to keep your lash extensions looking better for longer this summer!

Sunscreen: You obviously want to make sure you’re keeping your skin protected from the sun when you’re hitting the beach or the pool, but keep in mind that most sunscreens are oil-based. As (hopefully) everyone who has lash extensions knows, oil is the mortal enemy of lash adhesive. Avoid using spray-on sunscreens on your face to make sure you don’t get any overspray on your lashes. Using a water resistant sunscreen for the face will also help to prevent the product from melting down your face and getting onto the lash line. So now we’ve taken care of your sunscreen situation, but what about everyone else’s? Once you get into a body of water, you’re getting residue from everyone else’s products. The oils from people’s sunscreens, hair products, and natural oils get washed off into the water and create an oily film on the surface of the water that winds up on you. Sharing is caring, right? But every time that water splashes up on your pretty little lashes, the oil on the surface is getting onto the adhesive. You want to make sure you don’t let this oily residue hang out on your lashes, or those oils will damage the adhesive bond between your lash extensions and your natural lashes. This can lead to premature shedding which means less time between your lash fills. This certainly doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of the pools, beaches and lakes this summer. Just make sure to rinse off that lash line ASAP! This can of course be done in the shower or bathroom sink, but my little hack is to keep a bottle of saline solution in my purse or beach bag to rinse off my lash line immediately after getting out of the water. If you use the saline solution trick, just make sure to do a nice thorough cleaning with your lash cleanser & brush once you make it back home.

Sweat: Another way that oil is sneaking onto your lash line during the summer is via sweat. Whether you’re hitting up extra spin classes to keep your summer bod in shape or just spending the day outside in the heat, perspiration is going to carry your natural skin oils and will likely wind up on your lash extensions. Your skin’s oils mixed with the salt creates a deposit on the lash line, which will loosen that all-important adhesive bond. Rinsing and/or cleansing your lash extensions as soon as you wrap up a workout or an afternoon spent in the heat will be the best way to prevent those oils from permeating the base of your lashes and weakening that adhesive bond. A great way to help prevent and reduce the amount of oil getting onto your lashes is to either wear headbands or hats while you’re working up a sweat. Thank goodness dad hats are in style this summer.

UV Damage: Excess sun exposure can damage your skin, hair and (you guessed it!) the strength of your lash adhesive bond. Think of it like that bathing suit you left hanging outside to dry, forgot about it for a week, and then come back to find the elastic is all dried out and brittle. To prevent the sun from making your adhesive brittle, just make sure you are always wearing UV blocking shades to keep your lash extensions happy and to help ward off crow’s feet!

BBQs & Bonfires: If you didn’t grill in the backyard or hang out around a fire pit, did you even have a summer? These are quintessential summertime activities, but don’t forget that your lashes will get straightened out if exposed to too much direct heat! Just make sure not to lean in too close when checking on your burgers or roasting your s’mores to keep those babies nice and curly.

Wind: Here in San Diego we get those Santa Ana winds towards the end of the summer and those can make it feel like your lashes are going to blow right off of your face. While that’s really unlikely to happen, the wind can still tangle up your extensions and cause unnecessary tension that can wiggle them loose. Whether you live somewhere with gusty winds or are cruising around on a boat this summer, make sure you have sunglasses on to help block the wind from messing with your lashes.

Bonus Round: Nearly everyone’s skin gets oilier during the hotter months of the year, so it’s always a good idea to wash your lashes at least once a day to keep them clean and free of oils. You also want to make sure that whenever you’re getting out of the water you’re mindful to not rub your face dry since that will tug on your lashes, and also irritate your skin.

Even if you elect to be a Lazy Bones Jones and ignore every single one of these extra steps to keep your extensions happy, your lashes are most likely not going to all pop off the second you hop in the water or work up a sweat. But, keep in mind that ignoring these tips will guarantee more frequent lash fill appointments during the summer months. Now that you understand why these issues come up in the summertime and how to avoid them, you now know how you can still have awesome retention. Less time getting lash fills = more time having summer fun!

As always, I love it when you leave comments, send emails or be a hipster and write a letter to let me know what you think and what you wanna know. I’m all ears!

Thanks lovie!



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  1. Thanks for the tips! Informative and fun – per usual 😀

  2. I like the saline for after the pool. Will have to come in for a full glamour set

  3. Love the saline solution in the purse trick!

    Entertaining & very informative blog, Samantha!

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